The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

What I learned so far:

1. It is better to eat a meal that is willing to be eaten.

2. In a restaurant, don’t merely look at the menu. Consider their feelings too.

3. It’s never good to steal, especially a spaceship running on autopilot.

4. Humans, might have inherited the Earth from Golgafrinchans.

5. Remember, there is only one g in "crzjgrdwldiwdc".

6. Unlike we previously believe, SIX MULTIPLY BY NINE is FORTY-TWO!???!

7. Again, a towel is very important when hitchhiking across the Universe.

Book Betails:

ISBN: 0330262130 (ISBN13: 9780330262132)

Published: April 19th 1980 by Pan Books (first published 1980)

Date read: April 03, 2012

Source: Purchased

Rating: ★★★★


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