The Dark Glamour by Gabriella Pierce

Last we heard of Jane, she chose to hide in New York City; right under the nose of her magically and socially powerful mother-in-law - Lynne Doran.

Jane has to be devious in order to outwit Lynne and find the other missing Doran heir.  Her scheme is to use a glamour spell, seduce a very prospective link, and find the Malcolm’s sister- all before her glamour expires in 30 days.

I like Ms. Pierce imagination for quirky plots and story-building twist.  Her description of Jane’s transformation into Ella is fascinating.  It’s nothing new, but every detail is engaging.

The sequel was indeed juicy.  Well, too juicy in fact.  Jane did not strike me as someone as bold as she is in this book compared to the Jane introduced in the first book.  I get the “magical blood attraction” and everything, but she’s already aware of that fact and was able to control herself against Harris before. Then, why the whole change now?

This series has a good plot, good set of characters, and a certain mix of spice. So, I hope on the next book Ms. Pierce will not waste those facts and drag the plotline; because like the 666 Park Avenue, The Dark Glamour took its time to get where it’s supposed to go.  I can hear my brain holler, “Are we there yet?” almost every chapter.

Book Details:

ISBN: B0053K56F6

Published: August 30th 2011 by William Morrow, HarperCollins Publishers

Date read: March 14, 2012

Source: Purchased

Rating: ★★★


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