Istanbul’s amazing book benches

Benches placed in puclic places such as parks and bus tops all over the city. The project covers the works of 18 classic Turkish authors and each bench is opened in the most memorable page of the book.

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Books about Town will feature a series of BookBenches, individually designed by top artists, to celebrate stories linked to London and to promote reading for enjoyment. The benches, shaped as open books, will be unveiled in various locations across the capital from July 2014.

Visit their website to keep track of the benches that will be revealed soon.

Here you can see the list of books and their link to London.

Books about Town: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks to theurbanblabbermouth for the information!

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THOR 2 PREMIERE IN BERLIN (and a kneeling Mr. Hiddleston!)



Well hello.

It’s time to tell my story, isn’t it? I promised you. How to start? Oh yes, at the beginning. And the beginning already began months ago when a little german hobby-Loki decided to go to the Berlin Thor: the dark world premiere. Living in Berlin means for me to only…

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